"No one who believes in Him will

be put to shame."

Romans 10: 11

The days of summer are spreading their wings as a butterfly displays her beauty and grace. The splendor of God's creation has unfolded before our eyes. Summertime is an opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy the warmth and serenity of God's nature.

Jesus knew the importance of having a change of pace. He knew the value of withdrawal - taking some time for himself - being in a space of quiet, peace, serenity.

Summertime provides us a change of pace. It offers us time to get away, relax, to gain a different perspective on our surroundings. Whether our journeys takes us to the mountains, seashore, or even if our journeys are no further than a stay-at-home reprieve, God gives us the opportunity to seek that quiet place within our hearts.

Sometimes folks feel guilty in taking time for self - but as Paul says - "No one who believes in Him will be put to shame."

If we follow Jesus' example - then times of withdrawal - no matter how short or brief - will be soul-refreshing and joy fulfilling.

I sincerely hope everyone has a wonderful summer season, filled with pleasure and joy. I also hope that you are gifted with a change of pace - a peaceful solitude, enabling you to not only seek, but also fulfill God's Will for your lives.

In Peace and Love,