Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

     Greetings to one and all. As I write these words - we approach the mid-point in the month of May.

     May usually brings us more warmth and sunshine, fresh flowers, chirping birds, and more signs of the earth's re-awakening.

      Much of our country is attempting what's being referred to as a "re-opening," after most states have been observing stay-at-home regulations. The inherent "confusion" regarding "re-opening" is similar to the inherent confusion we have experienced since the end of February as we all struggle with adapting to a new normal.

     We are aware that some houses of worship are trying to resemble some form of in-person worship. Time will tell how safe and successful they are.

     For us here at Zion, we have received much positive feedback with regards to our recorded services. We will continue this format for the foreseeable future. I thank all who are helping to provide this worship experience to our members and friends.

We continue to follow the guidelines of our Indiana-Kentucky conference, which suggests no in-person worship for the immediate future. 

     My concern for all of you is your health, well-being, and safety. Therefore, we urge you to, if possible, continue to stay home, stay healthy, stay hopeful.

God Almighty will continue to guide and protect one and all.

In Peace and Love