Seek the Lord while He may be found,

call upon Him while He is near...

Greetings, Brothers and Sister in Christ:

   Normally, at this time of the year I would be writing a message of Easter celebration. However, we are not in normal times. The world is in chaos while trying to grapple with an unknown virus.

   A few days ago I asked one of our members who has a few years on me, if they had ever witnessed anything like this before, and their response was, "NEVER!"

   I thank our president, Jeanne Reidenbach, for her words of inspiration last Sunday. Since then your Spiritual Council and Official Board has made the decision to suspend in-person worship at Zion for the time being. (This was also highly recommended by our Conference leaders).

   At this point, we do not know how long this will last. Our main goal is to keep people healthy and free from this virus. thus, the drastic measures we are taking.

   I urge each of you to keep the faith, pray without ceasing. Pray for those who are sick, pray for those who are shut off from loved ones, pray for those who are out of work, pray for those who fear for their lives. Pray for our leaders in government and those in the scientific realm and especially those who are in the front line medically. They need to stay healthy to care for the rest of us.

   It is a time to trust in the Lord. There is a saying that goes like this- "Trust but verify."

We must trust in the Lord and adhere to the recommended guidelines. We must take care of ourselves and reach out to those who may need our help, in various ways, while still protecting ourselves.

   May we do all we can to lift up and support one another in these uncertain times.

   I know in my heart that Almighty God will protect us. My prayer is that each of us will do our best to protect one another.

God Bless each of you,

In Peace and Love