"When the day of Pentecost had come,

they were all together in one place!"

Acts 2:1

Unity was obviously the prevailing theme on the "Day of Pentecost." The disciples were gathered together, gaining strength and encouragement from each other. They had been through a tough time, and their unity in spirit was a sustaining factor.

Pentecost is referred to as the "Birthday of the Christian Church." It is a time to remember our unity through Jesus Christ and with all other Christians throughout the world. We celebrate Pentecost on Sunday, May 23rd. We celebrate with Holy Communion.

We also celebrate Pentecost by receiving our "Strengthen The Church" special offering. This special offering is directed toward assisting new church congregations, in addition to helping churches going through times of transition. Something many churches are going through.

Enclosed with this newsletter is an offering envelope for your convenience. Additional envelopes are available on the white table in the front of the sanctuary.

As we join in celebrating Pentecost, may we also unite in assisting other congregations in the United Church of Christ who look for strength and encouragement.

In Peace and Love,